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kenkou cross,artist,Monster Girl Encyclopedia,Monster Girl (Anime),Monster Girls,Anime,Аниме,Wonder worm (MGE),Kyonyuu,Anime Ero,Взрослые Няшки

kenkou cross,artist,Monster Girl Encyclopedia,Monster Girl (Anime),Monster Girls,Anime,Аниме,Wonder worm (MGE),Kyonyuu,Anime Ero,Взрослые Няшки

Wonder worm -  это Зелёная гусеница выросшая в стране чудес(Wonderland).


kenkou cross,artist,Monster Girl Encyclopedia,Monster Girl (Anime),Monster Girls,Anime,Аниме,Wonder worm (MGE),Kyonyuu,Anime Ero,Взрослые Няшки
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A monster with a soft, squishy caterpillar body native to Wonderland. This monster's ancestor was a Greenworm that stumbled into Wonderland, and ate all of the sweets at a tea party the Queen of Hearts was eagerly anticipating. As such, she was struck with a spell to contain her appetite. As a result, she lost the ability to transform into a Papillon through a pupa, and the result was a new race of fully-grown caterpillars. They therefore don't require a lot of nourishment to grow like their original counterpart does, and they can subsist on even just a small amount of fruit juice for a long time. Since all of the nutrition usually used for the transformation process is instead channeled towards growth, they tend to grow larger than their original counterparts despite their sparse diet, resulting in full, womanly bodies.

Perhaps since their sizeable bodies are maintained with so little nutrition, they tend to laze about, with a relaxed and languid manner of speaking and behavior compared to the original species.

Perhaps their most distinctive feature is their fondness for tobacco made from Wonderland plants and mushrooms, and they will usually be smoking this tobacco and filling their stomachs up with the smoke. The brightly colored, sweet smelling smoke that permeates the air around them gives those who inhale it an euphoric feeling and a strong desire to reproduce. Additionally, your reason and senses waver and become cloudy and hazy as if shrouded in smoke. Additionally, Additionally, as the Wonderworm continues to inhale this smoke, her breath itself will become as the smoke, and have the same kind of effect.

During conversation, their breath is exhaled whenever they open their mouths, and a man talking to them will begin to feel dizzied and euphoric from the smoke. The sight of them sighing languidly will be irresistible, and being breathed on by them up close will make you feel dreamy.

The man's dulled reasoning will find resisting the desire to reproduce inconceivable, and have their common sense warped and reshaped to suit a denizen of Wonderland.

And such, they will entwine their bodies with the woman before them, as it is completely natural for those who desire one another to sate their desires to reproduce together.
As they are already adults, their appetite for food is limited, but specifically because they are adults, their bodies are optimized for reproduction. As for their sex drive, however, it's as if the Greenworm's ravenous appetite had been replaced with unending lust.
Although they rarely actively attack men, once their smoke has lured him into intercourse, they will wrap their long, squishy body around him and restrain him with their countless legs, keeping their husband in a state of euphoric pleasure. It seems like they feel something like withdrawal when they don't have their pipe in their mouths, and as such, they will constantly seek to kiss the man during intercourse, and the breath they blow into him will endlessly fuel his desire to reproduce. They also enjoy sucking on a man's genitals and not letting go, just like a hungry Greenworm, and the loving, lustful breaths they exhale onto the delicious feast before them will make it never run out.
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