Ante Up

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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica video Ante Up ...Anime 

Down dirty bitches, becoming the witches
Grindin up and down cause they grantin all my wishes
Bring out all my aces like this game was Poker
Banish all the witches, thank you based Madoka
What a joker the trick is in the wrist
Wish you kept your head Mami cause you don't know what you missed
Now the witches getting pissed and they jacking up my swag
When I'm finished with this shit send my regards to the bodybag

Maze time, home of the brave
Puttin work to the street like a slave
Keep rugged dress code
Always in this stress mode
Being Meguka is suffering
You think I don't know that?
Hold that!
Hold that!
Hold that!
From the soul cousin, this ain't the time
Shoulda wished for more money cause now you ain't got a dime

Ante Up!
Become Meguca!
Ante Up!
No Meduka...

Get a contract!
Where my girls at?
If Sayaka becomes a witch you gotta bust dat!

Ante Up!
Become Meguca!
Ante Up!
No, Meduka...

Taking grief seeds
Yeah, you need these
I'mma fuck Kyuubey up
I'mma preach peace

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